7 Facts You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by the Boynton Dental Studio Blog, where Dr. Salee and his staff share some insights, fun facts and office happenings we think you’ll appreciate. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 7 facts you need to know about teeth whitening. If you have any questions, requests, or tales in dentistry of your own to share, please leave them in the comments below! We love to hear from you. 


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And now, please enjoy join us for a fun and interactive tutorial about teeth whitening.


Take a moment to press your tongue against your front teeth.


You are touching the hardest tissue in your body. Tooth enamel. This tough outer shell protects the dentin within your teeth, the calcified tissue which surrounds the pulp and is necessary to support the enamel itself. In an interesting symbiotic relationship, the enamel provides insulation for the dentin against harmful chemicals and extreme temperatures, as well as protection from the daily acts of biting, chewing, grinding and brushing. Tooth enamel is also responsible for giving teeth the bright white luster of youth.


Part of the unforgiving aging process we experience as human beings is a gradual reduction in the aforementioned youthful luster of our teeth. Over time, the color of teeth gradually shifts from a whiter hue to a duller tint with properties of yellow and/or gray.  The rate and degree at which this natural progression takes place depend on a wide variety of factors; genetics, the food you eat, aging, dental hygiene, lifestyle and others.


At Boynton Dental Studio, Dr. Salee can help you regain beautiful white teeth with the right products and the highest level of care. However, here are some things you should know about teeth whitening before you have the procedure done.

Dr. Salee | Boynton Dentist

Steven B. – Boynton Beach, FL

“I want to thank you for introducing me to the invisalign procedure. I was impressed as to how quickly I began to see the results. Being able to whiten my teeth while I was wearing the appliances was very convenient.”

7 Facts about Teeth Whitening

  1. Carbamide or hydrogen peroxide are the main components of prescription whitening gel provided to patients by Dr. Elan Salee at The Boynton Dental Studio. 
  2. Whitening procedures are effective on all teeth – However, it is important to consult with Dr. Salee to determine the degree at which the whitening procedure will be successful.
  3. Whitening your teeth does not yield permanent results. Generally, whitening can provide you with brighter teeth for one to three years. For this reason, Dr. Salee recommends take-home whitening trays, as this procedure can be completed at home and touched up at your when needed. 
  4. If you are having your teeth whitened, it is important to reduce your intake of foods and drinks that may stain your teeth. Dr. Salee will inform you of any foods or beverages to avoid. This often includes liquids or juices containing tanins, a common color component in juices.
  5. Side effects are possible depending on the sensitivity of your teeth. Dr. Salee will discuss these potential sensitivities and how to remedy them.
  6. It is a common myth that whitening gels (tooth bleach) can damage your enamel and/or teeth. This could not be further from the truth, as whitening gels are completely biocompatible and safe for your teeth. They have been carefully designed to be so.
  7. Even though you can try various home products, it is better to have your teeth whitened by a dental professional. Over-the-counter products will not render results that are even remotely close to those achieved with the in-office prescribed whitening gel at Boynton Dental Studio. 


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